#WildWednesday Beast Da Bully -Meet Da Bully


Hailing from Baltimore City is one thing but making it out is another. Being an artist in a place that has not always fully supported it’s own can be difficult. Doing it all yourself makes it even harder. When major labels don’t come calling, the do it yourself aspect of being an artist in Maryland is put in full effect. I want to introduce you to Beast Da Bully, one of the next wave of emcee’s trying to take Harm City to a place musically it has never been yet. Currently making waves with his mixtape Lyrical Exercise , he wants to be looked at differently. Will just trying to win be enough , only time will tell I introduce you to Beast Da Bully

Tell our readers about yourself?

Beast Da Bully: Well I am Beast Da Bully, which stands for Best Ever At Setting Trends.  I’m a Boss a rapper Baltimore…

How long have you been rapping?

Beast Da Bully: I’ve been rapping since I was about 10 years old.

What are some of the difficulties you experience being and independent artist.

Beast Da Bully: Well being a independent artist’s the grind is difficult because there’s no money behind you like everybody else. Everything you do is on your own.

So if its difficult what is the plus side of being independent?
Beast Da Bully: Well the plus side to it is you see all your money as an independent artist’s. You have control over what your career is. You get to put out what you want when you want it. You are your own boss.
Okay so this latest project is something before your album, what was your process for making this mixtape?
Beast Da Bully: My kid’s was my process for making this mixtape. My main goal is to make sure that they will never have to work for anybody, and I don’t plan on working for anyone ever again.What is your goal in music?
Beast Da Bully: To be successful, thats it really.
How do you plan to break out of Baltimore as a rapper.
Beast Da Bully: How do i plan to break out of Baltimore I guess that’s a question everyone gets. Well I gotta be different then everybody else. My sound is authentic to my experience growing up in Baltimore City man.. I am Baltimore so ….
So do you have any upcoming shows?
Beast Da Bully: I have a shows coming up in May so i’m getting ready for that as well, you can follow me on IG @BeastDaBully I put all my show information on there.  I also have a new project dropping in June, so be on the lookout for that!

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