#SOULFULSUNday Vintage Nation- Droppin Like Flies (Freestyle) with Artist Spotlight Profile


This is a powerful impact of a song. It makes you truely wonder of all the people in the U.S. why the Brown people are the only ones who are dropping like flies. To our own hands and to others…  We are a people who need a ressurection.

Droppin Like Flies (Freestyle)

Revolutionary Soul Music, this sound coming from Atlanta, GA. When you take a proper respresentation of the streets, place it over beautiful music with a message you get Vintage Nation.  There bio describes them as being known for their creativity and originality, will captivate your ears and hearts within seconds. Ink, her voice shocks you; energetic harmonies and honey like rhythms and meaningful lyrics. Jow , his unique, soulful guitar strikes send jolts of energy and pure thrills down your bones. Leaving listeners all over the world mesmerized and inspired. The vibration embodies folk and rnb, with hip hop roots infused with an alternative soulful jazz blend; Vintage Nation now has the world waiting patiently for the EP they are currently recording.

This Duo has rocked stages all over the globe from the biggest festivals and best venues in their home based city Atlanta, GA. to South Carolina, Florida, DC, Chicago, Vegas, California, New Orleans to Mexico and more. Filmed by and worked with brands such as Oprahs Own Network, ESPN, YMCMB, Grand Hustle, CNN to name a few. Seen Performing on stages and records with some of musics great legends and pioneers. Stars such as CeeLo Green, Erykah Badu, Usher, Wyclef Jean, Missy Elliot, Quincy Jones have said  the goal is simple for VN, it is to inspire, uplift and empower the masses. To spread peace and reinforce the message of love and unity through music. You can currently hear group member INK on Rick Ross new album Rather You Than Me  on Powers That Be Featuring Nas.

Take a Listen to Feel Me:


Listen to them and get to know them more at these sites





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