#SaturdayArtistSpotlight Team Kreamate- The 11th Letter Review


79bf44_6e7a64d259ac4d0081bcdbc208d9399cmv2Team Kreamate the four man group from Baltimore, MD that consists of Bonez From Da Park Flint Da Monster, Savage Da Beast and Rebel today release their new project The 11th Letter. This is a step up from their previous work as it is more polished and focused than previouse efforts. The beat selection is beyond on point, but I will get into that later during this review.a1443732587_10

This set starts off with BarbarianZ  a 4 minute rampage of bars, that rightly sets the tone. As every emcee gives a manifesto of what they are lyrically capable of. With lyrics like “made arrangements with angels to take you up to heavens gate. Aggressive battle bars pepper this heater produced my MC/Producer Skarr Akbar. Give A Damn the second track is more melodic than BarbarianZ however the bars don’t stop. This is a song that you would want to play at high levels on a warm spring night.

Streets So Cold produced by NY Bangers,  gives a chilling narrative of what goes on in every inner city in America. Letting you know that no matter how much you love the streets it don’t really love you back and it’s the same everywhere. One of the more stand out tracks is 90’s Raised Me produced by Kajmir Royale; who made his bones ( no puns intended) on Soundclick before he started getting the attention of more notable artists. This banging soundscape is vast but continues with the boom heard throughout all the selected instramentals.

Everyday the Same this is again a NY Bangers placement, this gives a deeply thougtful song about how what you do effects others. You not always just here for yourself, but for your children, your family, your block. This is a balancing act that before long I think they will be playing forreal, as its very possible that they will be on the radar of a few lables. hqdefault

Stop Me Now produced by Ric and Thadeus will knock in the car, the club and on the radio. I think this is a song that would work well in mixshow. The lyrics, are in the pocket and match the beat perfectly. This is right on time it’s trap music without being trap music. This would be a great single follow up Tell Me, if that was a record that got worked for radio.

The Kombo Konvo, is what it sounds like when everything is hitting on all cylinders, this is better than most of the mainstream music getting attention. Just the right length as well. Grind Right is a movie that was basically scored by Platnium Sellers, this song is very vivid, it’s theme of grind and success are classic in hiphop, but this is one of the finer interpretations of it I have heard. Wow Chauncey White put his foot in the Sunshine, very outstanding.

My favorite track on the entire project is My Name is My Name, based on a Marlo Stansfield soundbite. This is the type of music I prefer, it is precisely crafted,  I actually played this back 5 times while writing this.. can I mention how next level Jay Royale and King Kuan were on here. That is how you feature. “Trap got more fiends in it than morphene clinics” Just wow. Grammy’s featuring Deetranada  is the first whife, I got from this project when Savage released this… I had no idea that, the entire project would live up to this song. This project climaxed at the right time with All I Need, Almost, Let You Down with the amazing voice of Jai Ivy, I been telling her for years her voice is beautiful, I think everyone needs to realize this voice is memorable. Finally ending with the remix of BarbarianZ with an Added Skarr Akbar verse. This project is solid from start to finish but it actually got better as the project went on. (4.5)


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