#SOULSUNdays Chaquis Maliq- Resillience Eludes Death Review

Chaquis Maliq’s music first came to my attention a few years ago with her debut album       ” Harmonies of Me” since that time she has released two well received singles. Her sound has matured as she has gone through things in her life. The music clearly reflects that.


This set starts off with Letter of My Life, which gives me a vibe of Miseducation Lauryn on the music tip which is nothing but a compliment. This is an intelligent choice to introduce you to the rest of this set.  Next comes, Don’t Matter, which is song of strength that restates that she is gonna keep pushing even without the support of someone “perhaps a lover who takes her for granted” because she was “built to grow through the mutha fing concrete”and that it’s not wise to “hate on her skin tone”. The nice part of this song  is that you will find yourself nodding your head while feeling the message. No More starts of the ballad portion, I really like this song, I just wanted more of it, as it clocks in at just 1:51 seconds. After a brief interlude, my personal favorite song on this entire album kicks in Tired of Being , starts of slow, with a bluesy thump and a yearning wale, this is clearly a women who is tired of being a fool in a relationship, I can only imagine the raw emotion that went in to creating this song. It must be incredible live.

Another Chance, might be the heaven sent guy to rescue her from the Tired of Being guy, because she does not want anything more than to have a chance to love. This is a love letter to from a women who has been hurt, but does not want to tant her new thang. The writing and arrangements are absolutely flawless here. a3382610305_16

Patience, made me feel a certain way, that way would be the way I felt the first time, I understood Prince’s How Come You Don’t Call…. because the acoustic guitar and her pleading to a lover to work with her through her own thing… music is a classic concept, but with her own twist. Vessel, is a musical assertation that she wants to be a vessel to those who can’t express themselves, can’t communicate. She does a great job a that on this album and Sweet n Nappy with Rocky Spitz closes this out on a sunny note. This I could see playing on a picnic with the women who is the the apple of my eye when I can’t really express how I want to. Overall this is a strong piece of work from an artist who is a singer, writer, musician, producer and arranger. I only wish that some of the songs would have been longer. *iCosign

Reviewed by Rugby Sigel

Listen and Purchase here


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