NOFamousCosigns To Introduce New Daily Themes


longbannernofam.jpegWith the way the new projects, videos, and such are being released, we have decided to better focus on the content that we would like to deliver to out followers and viewer. We as of this Monday March 20 will be moving to daily themed schedule that will be as follows

Monday – New Music Monday giving you all new music to start off the week.

Tuesday – Thoughtful Tuesday- If you like your music with more messages, social value and substance this will be that day to check for your favorite artist.. or new ones you have not heard yet.

Wednesday- Wild Wednesdays- Will simply be LIT!

Thursday- Throwback Thursday- Giving you a look at some things you might have missed or some independent music that was groundbreaking… You will also see and hear some things from artist before they got major deals.

Friday- Fire Fridays- Bars… Bars… Bars….

Saturday- Artist Spotlight Saturdays- Gives you indepth stories and articles on those artist or people grinding for success.

Sunday- Soulful Sundays- Relax your mind, relax your ears.. and listen to music that is good for your soul.

Thanks … more announcements coming soon.



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