Kai McFly (Baltimore, MD)


While growing up in a musically inclined home, Artist Kai McFly never took to his roots of being a singer. He made his on claim to fame by dancing his way to the top of the city’s list as the “King Of Baltimore”Dance Competition Winner in the winter of 2008. Even though the music was in his blood he still did not pursue a career, or dream about becoming a recording star. Fast forward to the late winter of 2010, he finally gave music a try, making moves on his own to create his first music project/mixtape entitled “THE WRITTEN”. The Drive of his life and wanting people to know the real story behind the city star is what made this project amazing. He released “THE WRITTEN” early March 2011 and has been on the move since. Not slowing down, his talent increased more for he is ready to release his sophomore project/mixtape entitled – And I “QUOTE”. With the buzz getting bigger in Baltimore City about this kid, The people are Anxiously awaiting his release
“All I can say is stay tuned and look out for more coming from me, I cant stop now, I just got my feet wet with “THE WRITTEN” now its time for – And I “QUOTE” to put me waist deep in the game”. With a drive like that this 22 year old seems ready for whatever comes his way. His music tells stories for the people to listen to about his life. ” I make my music from personal experiences, I will never talk about something that i don’t know or have never seen or done”. Taking a chance with naming his last music project “NOT MY CHARACTER” , A reflection of what the music media wants to hear. He gathered industry beats and made his own story line for them pushing his self to the test as a new Baltimore artist. You Can Check Out His HOT NEW SINGLE TITLED “SNEAKERS” On Hotnewhiphop.com While awaiting the arrival of his fourth coming mixtape “23” Set Due To Release His 23rd Birthday 7/21/2012. ” I really Hope To Capture Ya’ll With This One, I Put A lot Of Blood Sweat And Tears Into My Music It Is Time To Show The World Who KAI MCFLY is”

Most recently he took his place as a winner on 106 & Park Wild Out Wednesday.

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